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Wool Nursing Pads **

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** Please note we are currently sold out of the mesh laundry bags. This item has been discounted to reflect this. Item includes 2 x sets of nursing pads only. 

Bundl wool nursing pads have been designed, especially for new mothers, to provide optimal conditions for successful, long-lasting breastfeeding.

Hand sewn in Australia, they are made using three layers of super-soft, un-dyed, Certified Organic Cotton and an inner of pure 100% Australian Wool. Even better, they are made using offcuts from our wool wrap, which means zero waste! 

Wool fibre naturally wicks moisture away from your skin, helping to keep you dry and comfortable, even in warmer climates. Bundl Wool nursing pads won't feel cold and clammy like disposable breast pads can. Keeping your breasts warm, dry and able to breathe can also help stimulate circulation to promote healing for sore and damaged nipples. In addition, these same natural properties may also help to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis.

Bundl breast pads are reusable, washable, and eco-friendly. Using reusable breast pads can potentially save upwards of 1000 disposables pads per child, based on the average mother requiring eight changes a day for three months! Our eco-friendly nursing pads are better for you and better for our earth.

One size fits most, but please let us know if you need a larger size as we can custom make these to order.

USE: Simply place a pad in your bra with the organic cotton side against the nipple to absorb fluids. For cracked/sore nipples, we recommend applying a nipple balm/oil first - this helps avoid the pads sticking to torn nipples. When the pad is heavy with fluid, place the used pad in the wash bag, ready for your next laundry load and use another pad. We recommend washing daily or every second day.

INCLUDED: 2 x pairs of breast pads, 1 x small wash-bag designed to hold the pads and protect them from getting lost in the washing machine.

Customer Reviews

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Helen Cruse
Feel wonderful

Haven’t used them yet but feel wonderful on my skin

Great and comfortable

Do the job perfectly, I was getting nipple vasospasms so was very tender and needed something soft and warming. The wool pads were the perfect size, are comfortable, absorbent and don’t bunch up in my bra and are great to wear overnight in a crop top to absorb any milk leakage. I use olive oil or lanolin to prevent nipples sticking to the cotton. Only wish more came in the pack :)

Soft and absorbent

More absorbent than I expected. Very soft against tender nipples. Keeps breasts warm and cozy. Very happy. Will consider repurchase but perhaps request larger size

Heather Foord
Love your products

I have purchased these for both my daughter in laws, the first had her baby 7 months ago and after my gift purchased more. So it was an easy choice when my other daughter in law wasn’t sure what to purchase. (I have the best daughter in laws). Thank you again Bundl, I love your products.

Super Absorbent

First time using these breast pads & they have been incredible!
I’ve always used disposable and have just made the switch for my 3rd baby and I wish I had discovered them earlier.
They dry quickly when washed and don’t stick to the skin of you’re any form of nipple cream.

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