Frequently asked questions
What age is the wool wrap recommended for?

The wool wrap is designed for use for infants from birth to approximately five months of age. Some may get a little longer use depending on the size of the baby. Adjustable Velcro side wings allow the wrap to grow with the baby. The wrap is not recommended for use when baby is actively rolling or crawling.

Is the Wool Wrap SIDs safe?

Whilst a new baby is an absolute blessing, we also understand that the arrival of a new baby can be an overwhelming and stressful time.
At Bundl we believe that the comfort and peace of mind for any new parent is absolutely the most important thing.
The Bundl Wool Wrap is designed to conform to a number of safe sleep recommendations:
• It encourages baby to sleep on their back, with their face and head uncovered.
• The wool duvet is designed to only come up to baby’s chest height and not over the face.
• The wraps side wings are adjustable and can be Velcroed tightly over the top of baby to restrict movement, prevent sliding and help them to feel safe and secure.
The recommended age bracket for use of the wrap is newborn to 5 months.
It is not recommended for use if baby is excessively mobile, rolling or crawling.
Must always be used on a firm, flat sleeping surface.
Do not use with items such as a baby lounger.
In addition, we strongly recommend new parents to do their own research to familiarise themselves with all of the guidance around how best to safe sleep.

Can I use the wool wrap and sleeping bag in warmer weather?

One of the amazing benefits of using wool for baby clothing and bedding is its versatility, which allows it to cater to different climates and seasons.
By simply adjusting the clothing layers worn underneath, you can ensure your baby's comfort in both warm and cool weather conditions.
The wool wrap and sleeping bags are great at retaining warmth and parents can choose thicker clothing layers underneath the during the colder months to keep their baby warm. This keeps baby cosy, minimizes the need for excessive blankets and creates a safer sleep environment.
As temperatures rise, parents can opt for lighter clothing layers or simply a nappy while still benefiting from the moisture-wicking capabilities of wool. The breathable nature of the fibre helps regulate temperature by allowing excess heat and sweat to evaporate, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience even on warmer nights. We often use air conditioning or fans during this time so it is important that baby remains at an optimal temperature.

What TOG rating is the wool wrap and sleeping bag?

Generally, bedding made from polyester or synthetic fibre fillings that can consistently perform to a testing standard or set temperature range tends to be 'tog' rated. Bedding or sleeping bags made with Wool are not tog rated, as they are made from natural fibres that adjust according to temperature; this is one reason natural fibres such as Wool are so popular. Wool is also amazing at wicking moisture away from the skin and has incredible temperature regulating properties. By varying the clothing underneath, the wool wrap and wool sleeping bags are ideal in temperatures from roughly 14 to 25 degrees..

How do I use the wool wrap?

The wool wrap has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind. Simply lay baby down on the wrap, fold up the wool duvet to baby's chest height, fold over the side wings and fasten with Velcro to the desired tightness.

How do I wash my Wool Wrap?

To wash, please remove the wool inner from the organic Cotton outer and follow the care instructions on each piece.
Both items are gentle machine washable, and we advise reshaping whilst damp.
Wool and organic Cotton have a natural tendency to reduce in size the first time they are washed, so don't be alarmed if the woollen insert and Cotton wrap shrink ever so slightly the first time you take them out of the machine. The shrinkage rate is calculated in the manufacturing process to ensure that a snug fit is still achieved post washing.
Please follow the laundering instructions on both the Cotton outer and woollen inner carefully. In the unlikely event that the woollen insert does become slightly loose in the wrap after washing, simply adjust the Wool insert so the wrap remains snug around your little bundle of joy. Like any garment, the washing process can cause the wrap to become a little wrinkled. Should you wish to return it to its crisp, clean shape, a simple iron on low heat is all that's required.
Washing instructions for wool inner:
Machine wash cool on gentle or wool setting, air dry only, lay flat to dry, spot clean cover as needed.
Washing instructions for cotton outer:
Machine wash cool, reshape while damp and dry flat, do not soak or wring, do not bleach or tumble dry, do not dry clean.

How do I wash my organic Cotton knitted blanket?

Please wash as per the care label on the blanket. Care recommendations: hand or gentle machine wash in cold or warm water with environmentally friendly laundry detergent, reshape whilst damp and dry in the shade. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

How do I wash my six-ply gauze blanket?

Warm, gentle machine wash in a laundry wash bag. Wash separately before use. Reshape whilst damp and dry flat. Do not soak or wring. Do not bleach or tumble dry, and do not dry clean. Like other loosely woven natural fibres, some lint and pilling may be noticeable with new fabric. Remove excess lint with an adhesive lint roller. As gauze is a delicate fabric, it is best to keep your blanket away from Velcro or anything else that can catch and snag the fabric.

Where are your products made?

All products are designed in Australia and we have teamed with ethical manufacturers in Australia, India and China depending on the product. Our wool wraps are lovingly made in both Australia and India and assembled and checked for quality control here in Australia.

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