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Bundl Wool Wrap Natural

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A natural and luxurious baby wrap made from Certified Organic Cotton with a removable Australian Wool Inner. The soft Cotton is natural and un-dyed, perfect for sensitive newborn skin. Versatile and simple to use, perfect for use in bassinets, cots, prams, while nursing or even as a play mat when out and about.

Ideal for infants from birth to approximately five months. Adjustable Velcro allows the wrap to grow with the baby.

The 100% Wool insert helps to regulate the baby's body temperature. Keeping them warm in cooler weather and cool when it's warmer. Wool is naturally breathable, flame resistant, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. Not to mention renewable and sustainable, the perfect bedding choice. Bundl Wool Wrap components are made lovingly in China and India and assembled in Australia.

Available in natural or beige gingham.

The Bundl wrap outer is made from organic Cotton, which is unbleached, untreated and undyed. The material naturally contains minute colour imperfections resulting from visible flecks of cotton seeds and fibre in the fabric. Although tiny, we believe it is these natural imperfections that make our product so perfect.

Bundl Wool Wrap should be used on a firm, flat surface.


Sizing: Approximately 70cm long by 36cm wide. Velcro on the side wings which allows to modify the tightness as baby grows.

100% certified organic Cotton outer with head panels containing a light polyester fill. 100% Australian Wool inner, fully removable and machine washable.

All components are machine washable. Please refer to care tags for washing instructions. 

Australian designed and owned, components manufactured in India and China and lovingly hand assembled in Australia.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product!

I can’t agree more with Lucy’s review. This beautiful wrap has been a game changer and made putting our little man to bed an absolute dream! It’s definitely been one of the best purchases for our newborn and I can’t rate this product highly enough. Thank you Bundl for making this amazing wool wrap!!

Game changing

I bought one of these for my baby, born in August 2021, and it has made putting him to bed an absolute dream. He is always nice and warm, it means there are no loose blankets for him, and I don’t sit up all night worrying he might s somehow wriggle under the blankets. It’s been the best thing I bought for him, an absolute must have for making that tough new baby time a bit easier - these will be my go to baby shower gift!

Liesl Gray
Amazing Product

My daughter received one from my sister and absolutely loved it. I purchased one for a friend of my daughters she received it a week ago and can’t wait to use it. I highly recommend this product to new mothers. Your newborn will love it!!!

amy Walsh
Do it!! Just do it!!!!!

I’ve just purchased my second one of these!
Firstly let me say, I’ve always been very conscious of the SIDS guidelines and this really seems to line up with them. The quality is great and they’re soft and super cosy. I can still easily use my LTD with it (as long as I’m aware of the room temperature of course), for swaddling. With bub still in our room (5 weeks old), it means that hubby and I can crank the A/C a little bit and be confident that we’re not freezing bub. The size is great and there is plenty of room, however bub is nice and secure and can’t move around too much in there, meaning he isn’t sliding into the spare room! The cover is removable so that it can be washed but I think it’s a good idea to have a second spare anyway, as it’s not water proof and if bub spits up, then you would want to dry it out anyway. I’m totally in love with this product and wish I had it for my first!
My only negative is that it doesn’t come in an adult size for me!!!!

Michaela Robinson
Beautiful. Amazing.

My sister found this - she is pregnant with her first baby - after reading the reviews she decided she wanted to get it. I purchased and when it was delivered I was honestly blown away - I knew it was going to be nice but it was honestly just beautiful. It was so soft. I remember reading a review saying they wished it came in adult size - I can understand why because now I want an adult size one hah! If you are undecided- honestly amazing!!!??

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