baby sleeping in beige gingham wool wrap in bassinet baby sleeping in beige gingham wool wrap baby sleeping in beige gingham wool wrap in bassinet Baby sleeping in  gingham Bundl wool wrap Baby swaddled and laying on top of gingham Bundl wool wrap Baby sleeping in  gingham Bundl wool wrap Wool Wrap Beige Gingham Wool Wrap Beige Gingham

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Wool Wrap Beige Gingham

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Introducing the Bundl Wool Wrap – a natural and luxurious baby wrap crafted with care from Certified Organic Cotton and featuring a removable Australian Wool Inner. Designed to be versatile and user-friendly, it seamlessly fits into bassinets, cots, pram bassinets, can be used when nursing or as a play mat on-the-go.

Now, we're thrilled to offer you a choice between two premium inner options to suit your preferences and your baby's needs. Providing optimal comfort in different climates and seasons you may select either our standard All-Season Wool Inner (400gsm) or our innovative Lightweight Wool Inner (200gsm). 

Perfect for infants from birth to approximately five months, the Bundl Wool Wrap boasts the remarkable natural properties of wool, aiding in body temperature regulation. This adaptable bedding solution ensures year-round comfort by either adjusting clothing layers underneath or choosing the appropriate wool inner.

Wool's exceptional thermoregulation qualities, thanks to its intricate structure and tiny air pockets, make it an ideal insulator. It effectively traps heat in cooler temperatures while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape in warmer conditions, ensuring a comfortable body temperature – a crucial feature for infants with developing thermoregulatory systems.

Additional Wool Benefits:

  • Naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, making it suitable for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Naturally flame-resistant, providing an added layer of safety for your precious little one.
  • Renewable and biodegradable, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices.

Product Information:

  • Sizing: Approximately 70cm long by 36cm wide, with Velcro on the side wings for easy modification as your baby grows.
  • 100% certified organic Cotton outer with side panels containing a light poly cotton fill. 100% Australian Wool inner.
  • All components are machine washable. Remember to remove the wool inner first and refer to care tags for washing instructions.
  • Bundl Wool Wrap Inner are 100% Australian Made, the Wool Wrap Covers are lovingly made in India and the wraps are assembled by hand in Australia.
  • To be used on a firm, flat surface. Not intended for use in a baby lounger.

For more safety information, please click here.

Upgrade your baby's comfort with the Bundl Wool Wrap – a blend of nature, luxury, and functionality.


Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Laura S
My favourite purchase!

We absolutely love the bundl wrap. It’s our favourite baby item. We even took it to the hospital with us so bub was sleeping on natural / organic bedding from the start. All the midwives commented on it too! Highly recommend.

Possibly my favourite baby product

I have used the wool wrap with both of my babies, the first born in winter, the second in summer and it was a daily staple both times around. Such great quality, beautiful neutral colour, washes well - still going strong! I’ve bought two more as gifts for friends since I got mine and can’t recommend them enough.

Love This

Brought this wrap for my niece’s baby shower. Hope she loves it as much as everyone else.

A Must to have!!!! Love it!!!

One of my best purchase for the newborn stage.
This wrap was the best and peace of mind. Definitely a must to have item for a baby until 6 months old

Belinda Appleby
Love this wrap!

I love/loved this wrap. So much that I am almost thinking of a third baby so I can use it again 😝😍//mum all the way from Sweden 🇸🇪

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