How should I dress my newborn for sleep?

Dressing your newborn for sleep sounds simple, doesn’t it? But nothing is ever as simple as it sounds when you are dealing with a newborn. 

If you have been wondering how to dress your newborn for sleep, you have come to the right place. This guide will outline everything you need to know to help take the stress out of this process. 

The most important things to remember

Babies control their temperature predominantly through their head and face. It is  recommended that you put your baby to sleep on their back with their head and face uncovered.
Generally speaking, your baby needs to be in one more layer than you would wear to bed. You also want to avoid loose sheets and blankets, hence adding an extra layer of clothing for warmth. Ensure your baby is positioned with their feet at the bottom of the cot or bassinet and if you’re using sheets or blankets, make sure they are firmly tucked in to prevent your baby from wriggling down and overheating.
This general advice may not apply to every babys’ sleeping environment. Experts recommend using it for rooms that are within the ideal temperature of 18-22°C. If your house runs warm or cool, adjust accordingly by adding or removing a layer. 
It is better for your baby to be a little underdressed than overdressed. To check if baby is comfortable, feel their tummy, which should feel warm. Don’t worry if their hands and feet feel cool – this is normal. Over time, you will become a pro and start trusting your instincts when it comes to this. 

Should you swaddle? 

Newborns love being swaddled. It helps them feel safe and soothed and minimizes the startle reflex. 
Go for cotton or muslin material for your swaddle. They are easy to wrap, lightweight, and breathable. (Bundl organic cotton and bamboo swaddles will be available mid November 2021!)
If you are not confident in your swaddling technique, you can go for a swaddle suit such as a Love to Dream. Both options work perfectly in conjunction with our wool wrap. On the contrary, your baby may prefer their arms to be free, if this is the case, our Bundl Wool Wrap can still provide that feeling of security by securing the side wings over the baby's middle section. Find out more information here.  
When your baby starts to roll over, you can now lose the swaddle and wrap. Move on to a sleeping bag combined with footed sleepwear. 

Examples of appropriate sleepwear
Here are some examples of how to dress your newborn for sleep depending on the weather: 

Warm summer nights

Keep it light. Go for a short sleeve bodysuit combined with a muslin or cotton swaddle. If it is really hot, you can use the bodysuit on its own or simply just a nappy and singlet. If you have a fan or air conditioning on, stick with long-sleeve footed pajamas. Summer nights can still get chilly, our certified organic cotton shell stitch blanket or six ply gauze blankets are beautiful and lightweight to keep your little one comfortable.  

Chilly winter nights

Use weather-appropriate sleepwear. The Bundl Wool Wraps would be perfect for this for a number of reasons: 
  • It helps your little one regulate their body temperature
  • Wool baby clothes are hypoallergenic and feel super soft
  • Wool is great for keeping dust mites at bay, which are the main reason behind sneezing and sniffles in babies
  • According to studies, babies sleep quicker and better in wool

Functionality over style

    Your baby’s sleepwear needs to be convenient. You want to be able to change multiple nappies a night with ease while half asleep. Go for clothes with well-placed snaps and zippers. 

    Other newborn sleep safety tips to keep in mind

    • Babies should sleep on their back on a firm sleeping surface with their head and face uncovered

    • Once your baby starts to roll, ditch the swaddle and wrap

    • Make sure your baby’s sleeping area is free of loose bedding and toys

    • If you can, have your baby sleep in your room in a bassinet for at least 6 months.

    • Install a fan in the baby’s room to keep them cool as they sleep

    You can find more information regarding safe sleep practises here. 

    Final Thoughts

    While there may be a lot of things to consider when dressing your little one for sleep, it does not have to be that hard. Remember to keep them comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. As long as you consider safety, comfort, and convenience you should do just fine. Good luck! 

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