Transition your baby to a sleeping bag with Bundl

One of the comments we’ve heard the most (before we launch our Wool Sleeping Bag) was “I don’t know what I’ll do after my baby grows out of the Bundl Wool Wrap!”

And it’s this very comment that got us thinking about developing our recent addition to the Bundl product range.

Our Bundl parents have long loved the organic and washable cotton Wool Wraps, as they regulate babies temperate right through the night. But many parents were finding they were transitioning their toddlers from the premium wrap into inferior sleeping bags, made with artificial poly-blend materials.

These sleeping bags aren’t always appropriate for summer and parents were finding themselves having to buy multiple bags in various tog ratings to cover bubs throughout the year.

Enter the Bundl Wool Sleeping Bag which is filled with 100% Australian Wool. The combination of wool's natural insulation, moisture-wicking, and breathability properties contributes to its remarkable ability to help the body maintain a consistent temperature. It keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Our wool wrap and sleeping bags are great at retaining warmth and parents can choose thicker clothing layers underneath the during the colder months to keep their baby warm. This keeps baby cosy, minimizes the need for excessive blankets and creates a safer sleep environment.

As temperatures rise, parents can opt for lighter clothing layers or simply a nappy while still benefiting from the moisture-wicking capabilities of wool.

Wool has a natural ability to absorb and release moisture based on the surrounding humidity levels. This means that in humid conditions, wool can absorb moisture from the air, which can have a cooling effect on the body and ensures a comfortable sleep experience even on warmer nights.

Our sleeping bags range from six months, when your baby will have grown out of the Wool Wrap, all the way through to two to three years, after which time you can move your growing toddler into their big boy or girl bed!

The sleeping bags come in the same two colours as the wrap, natural and beige gingham so you can also continue with the same look! Two sizes include 6-12 months and 12-24 months (but often continue to fit three year olds comfortably!).

If you’ve started your parenting journey with a Wool Wrap, we highly recommend continuing on the Bundl journey with the Wool Sleeping Bag. Click here to access the product page!

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