How to create the hygge life for your baby with Bundl

Here at Bundl Australia, we’re committed to helping parents and carers make their infants and toddlers feel super cosy and secure. As we see the weather cool off over the coming months, we know our Bundl customers will be looking at the biggest trends to help make the winter months more comfortable and content for little bubs.

One trend that emerged a few years ago and is showing no signs of cooling off is the hygge trend! “Hygge” is a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word has no translation in English, though “cozy” is a close comparison. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the word “hug.”

In an article called How to Hygge Your Home Life, list out the ten best ways to create that cosy feeling at home, and frankly after reading it, we chucked the kettle on! Top of the list recommendations for creating the hygge life was to spend quality time with friends and family, followed by avoiding multi-tasking, as well as removing stressors. But the tip we were most interested in was softening and simplifying your home with hygge décor.

Hygge décor is very much aligned with the Bundl design aesthetic, which is simplified, soft, natural and neutral and so we’ve listed three of our best-selling products that will help you create the “hygge hug” for your little one!

  1. Bundl Wool Wrap – this is easily our best-selling product, which will help you create a warm-hug feel for your baby. The wrap is made from certified organic cotton with a removable Australian wool inner. We recommend the natural cotton wrap (although the gingham is super cute too) to achieve the real hygge feel. Plus, the natural, un-dyed cotton is perfect for sensitive newborn skin! When you wrap this beautiful product around your baby, it will feel just like a warm hug!
  1. Bundl Shell Stitch Blanket – Our best-selling baby blanket is the Bundl Shell Stitch Blanket. Combed, ring-spun yarn is used to make this blanket extra soft whilst also durable. The classic oatmeal shade is versatile and gender-neutral, whilst the shell pattern provides a delicate, intricate detail. The colour and style is the epitome of the hygge style and will suit a huge range of room stylings. An everyday staple, the Shell Stitch Blanket is perfect for use in bassinets, prams, car seats or loungers – they make the perfect gift for a soon-to-be mum who you know will be out and about during winter!
  1. Bundl Vanilla Speckles Ribbed Blanket – Nothing warms your cockles better during winter than a cosy ribbed knit. And we have just the thing for your precious Bundl! The gender-neutral vanilla colour is brought to life with colourful flecks interwoven throughout. Suitable for all seasons but a little weightier than the Shell Stitch Blanket, this one emphasises cosy comfort. Large, soft and super cosy, this blanket is ideal for use in little one's bassinet, cot or when out and about. Add the matching bonnet and booties for an extra special gift!

Creating the hygge life for your little one is about forming a warm and cosy bond with your baby. Babies thrive in the warmth and attention of their caregivers so taking opportunities to indulge in these moments of calm is important especially in the “fourth trimester” where there are still a lot of changes occurring within your baby and you.

One of the ways that your baby’s brain will develop is through sensory stimulation and positive interactions with caregivers. Hygge is all about warm affirming interactions and moments with people we love and all of this contributes to healthy cognitive development. Take a look through our site and see which of our products will certainly assist you in creating the hygge life for your Bundl!

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